The buzzing of cicadas is the sign of a dynamic summer coming close, it will be a great time for us to carry our bag and go to some strange place and forget all the tensions of the daily life. If you are too familiar with busy streets in Nha Trang or bustling activities in Da Nang, let’s come to Binh Dinh province to discover this peaceful place. It has Trung Luong Camping Site which is not only neglected and rustic but also charming.

Trung Luong Camping Site is about 30km far from Quy Nhon City, in the east of DT 639 Street in Trung Luong Village. Trung Luong is one of the most familiar beaches to locals as well as visitors coming to Binh Dinh. From Quy Nhon, tourists go along Nhon Hoi bridge to reach this romantic beach.

Before coming to Trung Luong Camping Site, perhaps you are melted by the scenery along the road. The vast Thi Nai lagoon glistening silver, the golden sand hills in the sunshine, the green casuarinas making the heat of the earth soothe, sunny dancing, the wind blowing through the hair… will make you want to blend in this idyllic natural landscape for a long time.

The car moves on the wings of the wind and then bring tourists to the short passes but also enough to look at the blue sea and let the soul fly with the boat floating. Just going here, visitors can also feel the sea, the smell of the sea, the sea breeze blowing into people. Finally, they’re almost there.

Since the first days of opening, Trung Luong Camping Site has become a new and exciting destination, attracting many visitors to sightseeing as well as organizing camping activities to enjoy the peace and breathe the fresh air in this place.

Activities At Trung Luong Camping Site

First of all, come to Trung Luong Picnic Area, visitors will see the restaurant with harmonious decoration. At here, you can enjoy the “flavor of the sea”. It concludes shrimp, fish, squid, crab,… which are caught by local fishermen and are grilled, fried, steamed or use to cook Hotpot. Just thinking of it also makes people be attracted.

From the restaurant, you can look at the playground and picnic area below. The colorful tents, the eye-catching rows of seats, and the green grass, the yellow color of the sunshine have created a very romantic scene that you just want to rush down to these immediately to save those wonderful moments. This place is like a paradise created countless beautiful pictures that are for you.

The guests can experience one night at the Trung Luong Camping Site in these small pretty tents. You can participate in many team games with friends, then start a bonfire, enjoy singing and dancing and certainly not miss the moment that friends stand together to look at the stars and tell each other the stories or cherished plans. Join to Trung Luong Camping Site to keep the most memorable moments in your life!

Apart from the playground picnic, you continue to follow the paved path curving along the mountainside to be immersed in the middle of the peaceful blue sea below. From this road, visitors can admire countless overlapping stones interwoven together to create unique shapes. Sometimes they are the magnificent cliffs, or simply the rocks towards the sea. Certainly, these rocks will be the goal of people who their passion is taking the photos to life.

Trung Luong beach is very neglected, rustic and peaceful. Let enjoy the silver glisten in the sea, some boats or baskets floating on the water, your bare feet will be free to play with the smooth white sand and you can take a sunbath a here. All of them creates the picture of a blue ocean which is extremely eye-catching. Imagine that all the crowded out there can not make this place lost the lyrical and quietness inherently.

With blue sea, white sand, sunshine, visitors can throw away all worries in the daily life and jump into the cool sea water or even play with waves, dive with cool water. These are enough to make visitors love the sea, the sunshine of Trung Luong.

Additional points for the picture of the sea are that charming boats and baskets are resting on the sand after long trips of fishermen. Here, visitors can also chat with the people in the fishing village who is very honest simple to hear them speak with the typical voice of the country, hear them tell the sea, fish, and shrimp. I feel that life is very peaceful.

Trung Luong Camping Site is a gentle folk song that goes into every visitor’s soul. How can forget the picture of the sea that is very simple but really perfect?.  Let’s take the smell of the sea, the sun, and wind as gifts for the faraway guests who have fallen in love with “the village girl” named Trung Luong landscape.

A young writer wrote: “If the hands need warming, heart needs loving, people’s feet want to a strange land.” Let’s go to the strange  Trung Luong land to enjoy the color of the summer days!

NQ – HiQuyNhon

Translated by DTS – Hiquynhon

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