Do you know that Bau Da wine is one of the most famous specialty foods in Xu Nau- Binh Dinh? The explanation is that this wine has strong flavour which attracting tourists easily but it is hard for the people who have low drinking capacity to enjoy Bau Da wine. Although there are many places producing it but the most famous location and most delicious taste is in Nhon Loc commune, An Nhon district, Binh Dinh province.

The origin of the legend Bau Da in Xu Nau

In fact, one of the special features of Bau Da wine is a perfect mix between fermented rice at the right time and underground spring water in this village. Moreover, the secret of the wine that no place can imitate and even if copy, it is just  half as well and no taste from water, rice and the hands of the native.

Bau Da wine – Binh Đinh, đệ – Photo
Bau Da wine – Binh Đinh, đệ – Photo:

Legend has it that in order to make a living, people who lived in Cu Lam mound, Bau Da village, Nhon Loc commune, An Nhon district made Bau Da wine by using underground water from bau da (where keeps water for the whole village) in the past. The first batch of this wine has a fragrant scent and strong taste to enjoy and chat increasingly together.

It is not denied that drinking Bau Da wine just right with a small glass every day will help digest better and healthier. Perhaps, the alcohol volume is just enough which absorbs into the mind of the people and makes them feel comfortable and optimistic. Especially, this alcohol will have foam phenomenon when pouring out and the native can guess what is the real Bau Da wine with a mouthful.

A small glass every day will help digest better and healthier
A small glass every day will help digest better and healthier – Photo:

Coming to Bau Da to see how to make a good wine and buy it for gift.

If you have come to Binh Dinh, you should go to visit traditional craft villages  to understand more about culture and lifestyle and by the way you also should not miss fields, small village roads and the distinctive color of each village.

Visit traditional craft villages
Visit traditional craft villages – Photo:

Bau Da village is always waiting for you. In addition, the locals are always friendly and hospitable because they will show you where to make wine, introduce the type of wine they cook, just brewed or sometime bottled. Not only is the price much cheaper but the quality is also guaranteed. If you want to bulk order, you can also contact to the shippers.

If you want to bulk order, you can also contact to the shippers.
If you want to bulk order, you can also contact to the shippers – Photo:

For Bau Da wine, Nem cho huyen or banh trang nuoc dua, so on, so you can start here –  Binh Dinh cuisine, from the charm of wine taste to the charm of warm heart in this land. If you are a tourist, remember do not forget Bau Da wine, and if you stop in Xu Nau, visit Bau Da craft village to send yourself, friends and relatives a small gift.

MĐ- Hiquynhon

Translated by PTT – Hiquynhon

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